Welcome to The Big Daddy 2022 Online Auction!!


This auction will be benefitting the following incredible charity organzations:


KiDS NEED M♥RE is a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of children, families & young adults coping with cancer and life-threatening illness.


POP.EARTH - Short for “Population Earth”, Pop Earth is non-profit focused on providing holistic health services and options for those with special needs, including Autism & other developmental disorders. We are based on Long Island, New York and have partners all across the country.




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  • Your credit card information and cell phone number are collected for ease in the bidding process, and is collected securely and confidentially. Entering your cell phone number allows you to receive a text message when you are "Out Bid" on an item, so that you can log back in and fight for your prize...pretty neat!!!

2. Click on 'AUCTION ITEMS'  at the top or middle of this homepage to look through our fabulous items!


3. Click on the item you like and START BIDDING! Each item's starting bid is listed. Once you click the 'Quickbid' button of your choice, your bid is in!



Big Daddy 2022 Online Auction

9:00 AM May 19, 2022
9:00 PM June 30, 2022